The Science Of Precision Coatings


The Electrolizing® coating technology was developed in 1945 in Providence, RI. For over 70 years, Electrolizing®, Inc. has consistently refined our process to keep it the most advanced ultra-pure, versatile Thin Dense Chrome (TDC) coating available in the market. Electrolizing® continues to be the leading coating technology for many industries.

The Electrolizing® coating is a proprietary blend of pure chromium that produces a very hard surface measuring 70-72 on the Rockwell C scale. The coating is applied at a temperature below 180 degree F. This cold process protects precision-machined parts from distortion or annealing.

Engineered TDC deposits can be applied from .000050″ to .001″ per surface according to customer specifications. Precision tolerance requirements can be engineered for each individual application.

The Electrolizing® coating has a smooth, fine-grained surface. The Electrolizing®coating will be free of blisters, nodules, porosity and the potential for edge build-up.

Please contact an Electrolizing Applications Engineer for more detailed information about our coating technologies.


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