The Science Of Precision Coatings

Machined Components

Key Benefits:

  • Wear resistance, extend life of components and systems
  • Thin even deposit will not affect part tolerances, weight or balance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Reduces galling due to micronodular surface, can run against itself with less friction
  • Applicable to nearly all metals
  • Cold process, will not affect part geometry
  • High precision, effective deposits as low as .00005”, typical range of .0001 to .0003
  • High effective temperature range
  • Improved corrosion resistance, similar to 440 SS
  • Certifiable to AMS 2438 and most customer driven specifications

From fundamental components such as shafts, gears, and bearings, to the more complex components found in automated lines, packaging machines, and specialized machinery of every type, Armoloy of Southeast SC can engineer a unique coating solution to extend the life of your parts.

Armoloy TDC® and XADC® provide excellent wear resistance and corrosion protection for machine tools of all geometries. Electroless Nickel and Nyflon® coatings offer even further protection from corrosion and offer moderate improvement in wear.  In the case of Nyflon®, high corrosion resistance and vastly improved lubricity are the primary benefits. 

Specializing in high-precision applications, Armoloy of Southeast SC works within close tolerances, applying as little as .000050″ to the component surface. A cold process, the Armoloy system prevents distortion and dimensional changes from occurring in the base metal.

Both the Armoloy TDC® and XADC® coatings are ideal for working against themselves in sliding, metal-to-metal applications, reducing coefficients of friction to as low as .09 and eliminating galling.  All coatings are applicable to nearly all ferrous and nonferrous metals. 

Common applications include shafts, bearings, cams, gears, rolls, seals, and specialized components for automated machinery.

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